Creating a Futuristic Living Room with Vibrant Colors Creating a Futuristic Living Room with Vibrant Colors

The best way to create a futuristic and yet harmonious look in your Living room is to use vibrant colors. The living room is the area in which your family, relatives and friends will be relaxing and bright colors can help not only to enhance the modern appeal of the room but also bring positive energy to your guests. Being the very first room which visitors will see, the living room represents the rest of the rooms which the guests cannot see. It is of utmost importance to make sure this room adequately displays sophistication, harmony and your very own lifestyle.

Vibrant Colors

Through a successful combination of color, scale, shapes and patterns it is very easy to create a revolutionary living room, but it is vibrant colors that play the major role in creating this effect. Colors should be carefully chosen to accentuate other accessories. The use of bold and lively colors is becoming one of the most popular trends to help bring zest and interest to the living room. In order to do so you should go for highly saturated colors like gulfstream blue, gold crest, red ablaze or luau green.


However, creating a futuristic look is not as easy as it looks. Notwithstanding this, there are common factors which you might consider following. The most common trick is to paint one wall in a vibrant color and leave the rest of the walls white. This creates contrast and adds more fun to the decor. This gives a unique effect to your room and makes it look even bigger than it is. You can also invert this idea—if one wall is green and the others are white, you can add strips of white around window and door frames on the green wall. Moreover, you can use accessories to help spread and balance the color—if for example you use green to paint one wall, then you can add green cushions on your sofa.

Complimentary and Contrasting Colors

You could also use complimentary colors—if for example the wall is green, you can make use of a red carpets, flowers or cushions to balance the wall’s color tone. Try using green and red sets of cushions to creating stability between the colors. Apart from complementary colors it is a good idea to use contrasting colors—black is a very good neutral color to enhance the vibrant effect of saturated colors.


Adding a mirror on the opposite white wall could be of help to infuse the primary. This does not simply help the color scheme. In fact, mirrors are like opening windows in your wall—they also make rooms look bigger.

Colored Shades

Another idea could be the use of colored shades—in fact lighting can give a whole new mood to your room. The use of see-through yellow shades could truly bring the sunshine into your living room creating not only an innovative effect but also a very lively atmosphere.

These are only a few of the most popular ways to create a futuristic living room through vibrant colors. The use of saturated colors helps bring harmony and liveliness to the room thus helping relaxation and release stress. Whilst being adventurous in such an endeavor it is important not to overdo it and to keep your room reflecting both your mood and lifestyle.

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