Creating a Greywater System for an Outdoor Shower

What You'll Need
Solar powered outdoor shower kit
Plastic tub or bin (large enough to stand in)
PVC pipe
6 smaller buckets
By installing a greywater system in your outdoor shower you can enjoy the convenience of an additional shower while saving on your water bills. The term graywater refers to any water in your home (besides that of the toilet) that has been used, this includes water from the, shower, dishes, sink and laundry. This will allow you to reuse water from an outdoor shower for other purposes, namely watering plants. Building your own greywater system for an outdoor shower is a DIY project most homeowners can handle with the instructions below.

Step 1: Check your Local Laws

The first thing you want to do in this case is find out what your local laws are regarding greywater. Until recently any form of greywater was explicitly illegal in most states. In some states (true to it's name) greywater is still in a legal gray area, some states like Texas and Arizona, however, are loosening their grip on the use of greywater. California recently changed their laws regarding the subject but they generally want you to dispose of it rather than use it.

Step 2: Set Up Your Outdoor Shower

You can typically find an solar powered outdoor shower kit at your local camping supply store. If you can't find one at a camping supply store, look at military surplus stores. These work off of small solar panels that heat the water. After you've set up your outdoor shower place a tub or bin where you will be standing while taking your shower.

Step 3: Use Your PVC Pipe

Take your drill and your rotary tool and make six holes in your bin about a centimeter wider than your PVC pipe. This will allow for a snug fit. Once you've drilled the holes take the PVC pipes and put them in. This is going to create your drip system. All the used water is now going to drip from the bin down the PVC pipes.

Step 4: Place Your Smaller Buckets

The smaller buckets are there to collect the greywater from your bin after you're done with your shower. This is how you keep the used water for further use. Ideally when it comes to greywater you would scale it down for use regarding to task. Meaning the cleaner the task the cleaner the water you should use, but if you don't need absolutely clean water for certain tasks than this is what you would use that water for.

Step 5 Water the Plants

After you've collected your water you're going to want to use it to water your plants or garden. The fact that this water has absorbed certain minerals from the fact that it's been used is also going to make it better for plants because it will now have various natural fertilizers in it.