Creating a Metal Arbor from Scraps Creating a Metal Arbor from Scraps

What You'll Need
Scrap metal
Hack saw or metal cut off
MIG welder
Welding gear
Metal break
Quick dry cement

One of the most beautiful ways to add design and dimension to your landscape is through a metal arbor. An inexpensive way to go about this is to use metal scraps to build your own.

Through the use of some basic metal working tools and a custom design, you can use some of the scrap metal that is lying around your home, business or workshop to build a stunning arbor. A welder needs to be used to give it the strength to stand out in the weather for long periods of time.

Step 1: Pull Together Scrap Metal

Gather together the scrap pieces of metal you want to use for your metal arbor. Try to keep them all uniform in size. If you have several pieces of rebar, that would be ideal. They're easy to bend and will help you customize your arbor with more options.

Step 2: Design Your Arbor

Once you have the pieces of metal gathered, you can begin to design your arbor. Start with a general shape and then fill in the details. Be specific about the sizes and measurements of the design so that you don't have to make decisions while you're fabricating.

Keep in mind that an arbor should be at least 6 feet high and about 48 inches wide. This will ensure that most people will be able to fit under it and through it.

Step 3: Cut Metal to Size

If you are using rebar as your building material, then cutting the pieces can be done with a hack saw and a new blade. You can also use a metal cut off disc on a handheld cutter. They're shaped like a wheel and cut metal quickly and evenly. Cut enough pieces to make the vertical uprights, the cross beams, and smaller pieces for the ladder trellis design.

Step 4: Weld the Frame Together

If you do not know how to use a MIG welder then you will need to have someone do this part for you. However, if you can rent one from the rental center, you can practice with some scrap pieces of metal.  Take your time and weld all the pieces together. Start with the basic frame assembly. Lay out two 7-foot lengths of metal and weld a crosspiece to the top. Repeat this process with two more lengths of metal and attach them together with a 24 inch piece on each side. Once that's finished, add in the trellis pieces.

Step 5: Grind and Paint

Once you have your metal arbor built to your design, grind down some of the welded joints, remove any burrs from cutting and paint with an exterior paint.

Step 6: Position the Arbor

Once the paint has dried, carry the metal arbor out to the location you want to put it, and drive the rebar sides into the ground at least a foot. This will keep the arbor secure and stationary.

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