Creating A Mosaic Stepping Stone Creating A Mosaic Stepping Stone

Crafting a personalized mosaic stepping stone to use in your yard is an easy weekend project you can execute alone or with your family and friends. Consider inviting a group of family members or friends over to create their own mosaic stepping stone.

Taking on an artistic project with your family and friends can become a bonding experience that will produce diverse stepping stones; laden with happy memories. Regardless of whether or not you have company, creating a mosaic stepping stone is a fun way to express yourself while providing a useful element for your garden.

Gather Supplies Before Executing the Project

To create a cement mosaic stepping stone you will need the following supplies:

  • One stepping stone mold. If you plan on making several stepping stones at one time you must purchase more than one mold; the cement has to dry completely before the stone can be safely removed from the mold.
  • Mosaic tiles in a variety of colors.
  • Mosaic tile cutter. It is important that you purchase the tool that is specifically designed for the task of cutting mosaic tiles. It is dangerous and inaccurate to use a different tool.
  • Ready mix cement and a container that can be potentially ruined after mixing cement in it. Instead of purchasing a new container you may consider using an old mixing bowl or bucket.
  • Optional: A set of rubber or latex gloves to protect your hands from the cement. Since you will be using your fingers to position and push in the mosaic tiles you may wish to protect your skin from the cement. Cement is notorious for drying out any skin that it is allowed to dry upon. Not to mention, it is difficult to remove.

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Create your Mosaic Stepping Stone

Step 1: Before you do anything it is important to have an idea of what the finished stepping stone will look like. If you wish to have an intricate design, it is best to cut and lay out the mosaic tiles before pouring the cement.

However, if you wish to create an abstract imagin you will probably have enough time to cut and decorate the stepping stone before the cement becomes unworkable.

Step 2: Follow the instructions on the back of the cement package to properly mix an appropriate amount of cement to pour into the stepping stone mold.

Step 3: After mixing the proper amount of cement slowly pour it into the stepping stone mold in several installments. After each installment you should tap the mold on the ground and gentle shake it back and forth to force out any trapped air bubbles and level the cement within the mold. Stop pouring the cement once it has filled the mold one fourth of an inch from the brim.

Step 4: Position your mosaic tiles on the top layer of the cement to create your personalized design. Use your fingertips and water to smooth out any cracks or imperfections that may appear on the surface of the stepping stone. Make sure you press down hard enough to embed the tile into the cement but not too hard that the tile becomes submerged.

Step 5: Complete your design and allow the cement in the stepping stone to dry completely before gently removing it from the mold.

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