Creating a Rustic Fireplace Mantle Creating a Rustic Fireplace Mantle

A rustic fireplace mantle can be the perfect finishing touch for a home or cabin that has a rustic or cottage decorating theme. In many cases, it is possible to create your own rustic mantle place to compliment the fireplace and rest of the room.

Aging Wood

The best starting place for creating this kind of mantelpiece is to use an old piece of wood. Very often, the decorating process is to sand and paint the wood and then apply an aging finisher to distress the wood. However, it is also possible to distress wood by taking it outside and pounding it roughly with a hammer, rubbing it with a heavy piece of chain or by carving nails into it roughly. This type of distressing will age the wood quickly. Once you have distress the wood to the desired level, paint the wood with an oil based stain and then wipe some of it off with a clean rag. This will allow the stain to deepen into the gouges and pits you created in the wood.

If you are looking to make a rustic fireplace mantle for your home or for a mountain retreat with a rustic motif, try using an old piece of wood and distressing it well and then mounting it as your fireplace mantle.

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