Creating a Rustic Look with a Plant Trellis Creating a Rustic Look with a Plant Trellis

If you want to add vertical interest to your garden, or if you must work with limited space, you can create a rustic look with a plant trellis. 

Pros and Cons of a Plant Trellis

Creating a trellis has several benefits. You can expand your garden to include climbing plants, such as clematis or climbing roses. You can use the trellis to stake taller plants, such as gladiolas or hollyhocks. You can even use it to grow beans or vining vegetables such as gourds.

Using a plant trellis has its drawbacks, as well. If made of wood, it will eventually rot. If you choose an improper location, you will have to uproot both your trellis and your plants.

Using Found Materials for a Rustic Look

You can make an easy copper trellis by assembling pieces of copper tubing. Use glue to hold T-joints in place. Wrap the plant trellis in smaller-gauge tubing to create the look of vines.

For a truly rustic plant trellis, use found materials. Take fallen tree branches and saplings and assemble a ladder-type trellis using finishing nails, screws, wire or twine. You can off two old rakes and put them into the ground, with the tines serving as supports for vines. Or you can wrap a laundry drying rack with vines.


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