Creating a Terrazo Look With Concrete Countertops Creating a Terrazo Look With Concrete Countertops

You can dress up your concrete counter tops by adding a terrazzo look. Terrazzo refers to a process of adding bits of glass and other material to concrete to give it a faux marble appearance. Using a terrazzo finish gives your plain concrete slab a different design look and dresses up your kitchen.

Choose Additive Material
As you make the concrete mix for your concrete slab, choose the materials you are going in your terrazzo design. Broken polished glass, pottery pieces, stones, and precious metals are some of the items that can be used.

Because the glass has a tendency to clump and rise to the top of the cement, use a water-soluble glue in the cement mixture to keep the glass equally distributed. Do not run your hand through the cement as you wait for the mixture to cure. You will cut your hand and cause injury. When the concrete cures, you will be able to finish the slab and make it smooth.

Finish the Concrete
When the concrete cures, grind the top of the counter with an abrasive pad. This exposes the glass other material that was added. You can judge how much needs to be grinded away to achieve your personal terrazzo look. Simply polish and seal the concrete slab and it is ready for installation.

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