Creating a Zen Bathroom with Decorative Colors

Choosing decorative colors for your bathroom is not a trifle since they can either enhance the positive energy and relaxing atmosphere in the room or create negative space that will have a bad influence on your emotions and inner life. In this tutorial, you will learn how to decorate the perfect place for respite and recuperation—the Zen bathroom.

Zen emphasizes personal experience and the attainment of balance between the inner self and the outside world. One of the ways to reach this equilibrium is through skillful decoration of your living space, which relies on the correct selection and arrangement of colors and objects.

Step 1: Choosing the Color Palette

The colors that Zen decorators utilize are, first and foremost, those that will introduce the natural elements of water, stone, earth, and air into your home. Such colors are, for example, white, grey, black, silver, rust, taupe, shades of dark green and blue.

But don’t assume that your bathroom will look dark and depressing with these colors. As professional interior designers affirm, every successful Zen ambiance balances dark and light elements which should reflect and/ or instill inner peace in the individual. Moreover, earth tones in Zen are often combined with vivid colors such as orange, yellow, bright green, or cranberry red. The trick is simply not to overdo them.

Step 2: Assign Color to Bathroom Objects

The natural colors of the above section can be arranged in various Zen designs (for more information, you may visit the interior decoration department of your local library). The pattern offered below is by no means mandatory or exhaustive.

  • Create a simple, monochromatic background in your bathroom by choosing the same color for the walls and tiles. Use an unobtrusive tint such as taupe or gray, which won’t impose itself on your senses but will have a calming effect on them.
  • Have the curtains and towels painted in olive green or beige. Don’t worry, these seemingly bland colors will bring forth their full potential when combined with brighter hues.
  • For the linen, you can choose a strong and unorthodox color like black or dark brown.
  • The flooring is very important in Zen decoration. You can use earthenware tiles or plain wood under a bamboo rug or mat.
  • The metalwork of your bathroom (towel racks, toilet paper holders, etc.), can have the standard silvery color. Alternatively, you can use articles of dark blue plastic since blue is, of course, the color of water.
  • Add variety to your bathroom palette by the introduction of brighter colors. Hang several small Chinese paintings on your walls (preferably oil paint works). Choose paintings with a positive, peaceful subject matter. In a corner of the bathroom, place a vase with orange zinnias or other richly tinged flowers. Furnish with pale bamboo items (e.g. a clothes basket, a flower pot, etc.) to create a more natural and appeasing environment.
  • Arrange the objects in the bathroom in color patterns that do not distract or burden the mind but ease the senses and chase away everyday cares.