Creating a Bedroom Retreat

These days, it seems like everyone’s rushing to meet deadlines or be someplace at a specific time while putting up with the day to day stress of ringing phones, loud TV’s and blaring stereos. Doesn’t the idea of setting up a bedroom retreat where you can get away from all that stress and just relax sound like a great idea? A bedroom retreat isn’t something only the wealthy can afford, you can create an inexpensive bedroom retreat in your own home just by making a few simple changes. Here’s some ideas on creating your own bedroom retreat

Start by taking inventory of your bedroom

  • A bedroom retreat isn’t a multi tasking room and it shouldn’t double as a TV room or an office. If your bedroom is also your remote office or your TV room, it won’t ever be the relaxing oasis you need to get away from it all.
  • Clear out everything that doesn’t contribute to relaxation and sleep like cluttered stacks of books and magazines or the pile of clothes destined for the washing machine. An inexpensive bookcase and a wicker laundry hamper will do nicely.

Color provides a soothing feel

  • A bedroom retreat should be painted in a soft inviting color to help you relax. Good choices are soft blues, greens or even grays. Natural or earth tones will also provide a calm environment where you can relax. Avoid choosing overly bright or intense colors like reds or yellows, they’re just not relaxing.
  • According to experts, a color trick that can make your room more enjoyable is to paint your walls, trim and ceiling all the same color. Doing this effectively takes your mind off the colors in the room and allows you to relax.

Natural light, sound and furniture adds to the mood

  • Allow natural light into your bedroom retreat by opening your blinds or curtains. If privacy is a concern, venetians or vertical blinds can be adjusted to allow light in while still blocking off a view directly into the room.
  • While bright ceiling lights are practical and useful at times, they don’t create a relaxing environment. Adding some table lamps for your nightstands, wall sconces or at a minimum a rheostat (an adjustable light switch) to control the intensity of the over headlight in your room will add to your comfort level.
  • A small water feature can provide the relaxing sound of running water. However, if you have absolutely no space for even a tiny water feature, consider CD’s with the sounds of water or nature to help provide the calming environment,
  • Modern metallic, bright furniture is attractive, but the mood it creates is anything but calming. For an overall relaxing feeling, choose natural wood furniture and include some natural baskets as well as bed linens in a natural or soft color.

Finally, finish off your bedroom retreat with a few things that make you happy, like pictures of friends and family or a painting by a favorite artist. The objective here is to avoid adding too much or your retreat will start to look cluttered and untidy.

Once you’ve made your bedroom a retreat, keep it that way. Take a little time in the morning to tidy and make up the room. That way, when you return at the end of a long day your bedroom retreat will be able to give you that welcoming feeling.

Murray Anderson is an experienced freelance writer over 500 articles published on the web as well as in print magazines and newspapers in both the United States and Canada. He writes on a wide range of topics and is a regular contributor to He can be contacted at