Creating a Gender Neutral Guest Room

Guest rooms are one of the most fun rooms in the house to decorate. They can take on styles that may not work in other areas of the house and include decor that is whimsical and endearing. Creating a gender neutral guest room, however, is a great way to make all guests feel welcome and at home when they come to stay. The tips and tricks below for creating a gender neutral guest room offer simple advice for transforming a boring guest room into a home away from home.

Color Schemes

Choosing a gender neutral color scheme is the first step in creating a room that feels comfortable to both men and women. Toss out candy pinks and camouflage, as the guest room colors need to be the perfect balance of feminine and masculine. Some great color combinations to start with are blue and white, pale yellow and white, and grey, white and black.

Patterns, Patterns, Everywhere

The trick to making the color combinations above work well in a gender neutral room is in the patterns. There must be a blend of masculine geometric patterns and feminine florals to make the room non-gender specific. For a grey, white and black guest room, consider placing a solid black or grey area rug on the floor. The walls should be painted a dove grey and the bedding should be white with black and grey accents. A grey throw blanket, a floral black and white throw pillow, and solid grey and black square pillows will all draw the color scheme throughout the room without being overly masculine or feminine. A solid grey curtain over a white sheer printed with grey or black accents would be ideal to tie in the colors and gender neutral feeling through patterns. These colors and patterns are especially good, as they are calming and peaceful.


Most homeowners place towels and accessories in their guest room to make their guests feel right at home. When creating a gender neutral guest room, this cannot be overlooked. Start with a geometric basket that is free of flowery or feminine accent. Place a rolled up neutral color towel, like grey or white, in along with travel size shower gels and shampoos that boast a clean, natural smell, as opposed to a floral or fruity one. This extra attention to detail will make the room even more comfortable for guests whether they are male or female.

Creating a gender neutral guest room is a wonderful way to fashion an all-purpose guest room that everyone will feel comfortable in. Decorating the room is an easy process, and inspiration can be found in modern home decorating magazines, furniture stores and even online photo displays of bedrooms. Have fun decorating the room and do not be afraid to add personal touches for each guest. For a sister or mother, adding a bouquet of white daisies and a magazine for women is a sure way to brighten up the space and make them smile. Comfort is found in the little touches around the house, and it is no different when decorating a gender neutral guest room.