Creating Mosaic Garden Edging

What You'll Need
Garden edging stones
Broken tile or plates
Tile cutter
Cement tile glue
Tile scorer
Grout sealer
Large plastic freezer storage bag
Pillow case

Adding a mosaic design to your garden edging is a beautiful and unique way to create focal points in your landscape. Your edging can be just as colorful as your garden itself. Several steps are involved in getting this project underway.

Step 1: Buy Garden Edging Stones

Purchase garden edging stones from your local home and garden store. Make sure it is made from cement. You can even make your own if you want to without too much difficulty.

Step 2: Prepare Your Cement Glue

Follow the directions on the packaging to mix up your cement tile glue/adhesive. Pour into storage bag. Remove as much air as possible and seal. Set aside for the time being.

Step 3: Break up Your Tiles and Plates

Place your tiles and plates into your pillow case and tie the top. You can start out by just dropping them on the ground. Feel the outside of the bag to find the larger pieces and use your hammer to break these up. You do not want them to be tiny, just more manageable to use in your mosaic pattern.

Step 4: Make a Pattern

You can work out a pattern or place the tiles randomly. There are really no rules. You can place them wherever you wish and in whatever design you can dream up.

Step 5: Place Tile Glue onto Edging Stone

Cut a corner section from the corner of your storage bag with the cement adhesive. Squeeze out onto the edging stone in a thick, even layer. Only apply this to the side you are placing your mosaic design on.

Step 6: Placing Tile

Push your broken pieces of tile and plates into the tile adhesive. Leave space between each piece to add your grout later. Once again, you can place these however you please.

Step 7: Let Dry

Let your edging stones dry for 3 days before you continuing working on them.

Step 8: Grouting

Mix your grout according to instructions. Fill all the cracks and spaces between your tiles. Cover up the edging stone as well with a thin layer of grout. Wipe off your tiles.

Step 9: Let Grout Dry

You will have to wait yet another 3 days for your grout to dry. Do not worry you are almost done.

Step 10: Sealing The Grout

This is a very basic step since you are just going to do what it says, and that means it is time to seal all your grout on your stone. Apply grout sealant.

Now you will be placing your newly decorated mosaic edging into your garden. After you are done doing that, sit back and enjoy the view of your very colorful garden with the edging mosaic stones to match.