Creating Outdoor Garden Rooms Creating Outdoor Garden Rooms

Outdoor garden rooms can be used as an extension of your home. However, it can also be used as a sanctuary or a private oasis as well. It does not matter how big or small your garden is. It can still accentuate your taste and provide you with an enjoyable environment to relax in. To start creating outdoor garden rooms, you must first decide which type of room you want to add. Larger backyards can accommodate multiple choices. A few types of rooms include: sitting areas, flower gardens or even a water feature.

Choose a Location

To get started, you must first determine the location of your garden rooms. Larger backyards have more space that can be separated into multiple rooms to enjoy. If you want to create a sitting area that is peaceful or quiet choose a location away from the house. The farther you are away the less inside noise you can hear. The center of the garden may be the best choice. It will help block out sounds from both your home and the sounds from the neighbor’s house as well. If you have a big garden, the garden might have different isolated areas where a quaint garden room might be recreated nicely.

 Add Walls

Adding walls to your garden space will add seclusion. Walls can be built using decorative fences tall enough to keep out prying eyes. Taller plants and bushes that will block others from seeing in is also another great idea. Garden walls give garden rooms a retreat feel as well. If you are putting up a fence be sure that it can stand up against any weather condition familiar to your region including: blazing sun, winds, rain and snow. Unlike putting up walls in a house, the walls in a garden cover only three sides, leaving an opening that exposes flowers.

Begin Decorating

If you have chosen a sitting area for one of your garden rooms, place decorative garden benches in the location you have chosen. The placement of your benches will set the mood of the room. Facing the benches toward each other will provoke conversation. However, facing them toward the rest of the garden will invite quiet reflection. Garden rooms should always have flowers. You can use your favorite flowers or decorate with a variety of colorful selections that are in season. Your flower arrangement does not have to be elaborately set up. However, the placement of each group of flowers can draw attention as well as offer a wide range of beautiful things to look at as well.

Nothing says peace and serenity like a waterfall. Outdoor waterfalls can placed in any outdoor space. The quiet lapping sounds of running water and the beautiful collection of birds will help you relax. A waterfall can be the centerpiece of your private oasis. Each part of the garden should be cohesive. It should lead guests into the garden room. Larger gardens should make use of their space by placing using flower placements. Create a walking path that flows into your sitting area.  

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