Creating a Sleek, Contemporary Baby's Room

For the modern, discerning parent who wants more than cuddly bears and farm animals in the nursery's decor, there are sleek, contemporary decorating options available. Most large baby supply stores feature the usual patterns and designs, so specialty online retailers will be the best option for finding contemporary furniture and accessories. Before beginning to look for sleek designs, it is best to create a budget and a list of the desired furniture and accessories that will be in the baby's room. This will help organize thoughts and keep the shopping process flowing smoothly.


Color is the number one factor in sleek, contemporary designs. Walls painted a bright blue or startling yellow speak neither to sleek or contemporary and are more reminiscent of barnyard and vehicle decor. For a sleek, contemporary room, opt for more modern colors. Warm grays, warm tans with pink undertones and crisp linen are all perfect choices for a contemporary nursery. If the wall color has been found first, choose prints and patterns that will coordinate well with it. However, if the pattern has been discovered first, take it to the paint store and have them match a shade in the design to create the perfectly matched wall color.


Furniture, much like color, can speak volumes about a room's decor. Light pine and oak cribs have a more casual, country feel to them. Whereas, cribs made of deep cherry or mahogany look infinitely more sleek and sophisticated. For a contemporary room, choose furniture that is made of a darker wood. Dressers, the changing table, armoire, crib, the night stand and any additional wooden furniture pieces should all be made from the same wood. If purchasing all the pieces from a collection is in the budget, consider doing so to pull the look together and create a cohesive feel to the baby's room.

Prints, Patterns and Fabrics

Choosing the right print or pattern for the nursery bedding can be critical to creating a contemporary and sleek feel. Opt for patterns that are more sophisticated than their typical nursery counterparts. If the bedding would look appropriate for a formal, adult bedroom if it came in a queen or king size, chances are that it will provide the sleek, contemporary look being sought. French prints and modern, solid colors are both great choices for sleek bedding with a modern flair. Make sure that the pattern and fabric coordinate well with the wall color for a perfect match. The fabric of the bedding will also help define the feel of the room. Choose silks, satins and fabrics that are rich and luxurious. Frilly, ruffled pieces would be inappropriate for a sleek, contemporary nursery, but a tailored bed skirt would work well.

Choosing pieces that create a sleek and contemporary feel in a baby's room requires coordinating all aspects of the nursery decor. From the flooring to the window treatments, each part of the room should reflect the modern feel that is being sought. Look to contemporary decorating magazines for additional ideas on how to create a sleek, contemporary baby's room.