Creating Space Efficient Wall Cabinets Creating Space Efficient Wall Cabinets

What You'll Need
Tape measure and pencil
Screws and finishing nails
Paint/Wood stain
Door knobs and hinges
Wood putty
Circular saw
Carpenter's glue

Wall cabinets are a popular way to store collectibles, china, books and many more items around the home. If you want to make your own custom cabinet, you will need to start by designing the cabinet itself.

Step 1 - Designing the Wall Cabinet

A wall cabinet should have a top, a bottom, two sides and a door for each side. You do not need to attach a panel to the back of your wall cabinet because the cabinet itself will be a back panel. If you are making multiple cabinets, build one cabinet at a time. Then, you can repeat the same process for the other cabinets.

Step 2 - Finding the Wall Studs

You will first need to knock on the wall in order to identify the location of the wall studs. If the knocking sound is solid, then you have a stud behind the wall. Use a pencil to mark the wall studs. Keep in mind there should be a distance of about 24 inches from one stud to the next.

Step 3 - Measuring The Wall Cabinet

You can customize your cabinetry to whatever measurements you want. One of the most popular sizes includes a height of 30 inches, a width of 26 inches and a depth of 12 inches. Take two 2-by-2 pieces of lumber that have a length of 25 inches and fasten them securely in a horizontal position. Make sure they are fastened and attached properly on the pencil markings that mark the wall studs. The lumber pieces should hold the cabinet's shelves and walls.

Step 4 - Using the Plywood

The plywood should be two inches thick and you need to cut two pieces from it. Make sure that these pieces have a length of 30 inches and a width of 12 inches. These plywood pieces will be the sides of your wall cabinet. Place the pieces of lumber and plywood in the middle of the wall and drill holes through the lumbers. Put a 1½-inch screw in each hole to fasten the plywood sides of your cabinet in place. Cut two more plywood pieces to make the top and bottom of your wall cabinet. Use nails and a hammer to fix the top and bottom to the sides.

Step 5 - Installing the Shelves

Cut two more plywood pieces for the shelves, and two more 2 x 2 lumber pieces. Place the lumber parallel to the shelf-supporting pieces and one on each side of the cabinet. Put a clamp and some carpenter's glue on the lumber and drill holes through the cabinet's side panels. Add one-inch screws into each one. Then, remove the clamps and add the shelves.

Step 6 - Installing the Doors

The doors should be made of plywood with a height of 30 inches and a width of 13 inches. Attach each door with two hinges. Then, you can paint your cabinet and you are done.

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