Creating The Ideal Soil Mixture For A Cactus

One of the easiest house plants to grow and maintain is a cactus. These make wonderful houseplants are quite beautiful when they bloom. They will sit on the window ledge in our kitchen or along the railing of your porch without too much trouble. However, they do require a special soil mixture in order for them to grow at their best.

Create Your Own

Mixing your own cactus potting soil is quite easy to do with the right ingredients. They can all be picked up at the local home center.

To make this simple mixture, combine:

  • 1 quart of potting soil
  • 2 cups of garden loam
  • 1 cup of sand and manure
  • 1 tbsp. of bone meal

Mix Until Well Blended

Use a small handheld garden rake to get into the pail and mix the ingredients together well. Making sure each ingredient is dispersed well will make sure there is a balance of the nutrients throughout.