Creating Vibrant Colors in the Kitchen on a Budget Creating Vibrant Colors in the Kitchen on a Budget

If your kitchen seems drab and lifeless or has a bad case of the winter blahs, you can transform it by using vibrant colors in many ways that won't break your budget. With a few simple updates and a bit of imagination, you will have a fresh room in no time.

Use Paint, a Budget Saver

Paint is always the best way to add vibrant colors to any room if you're on a budget, and the kitchen is no exception. Don't choose drab country colors or the dark palate that is popular. Instead think about tropical beaches, tropical fruit and hot summer days when you design your new colorful kitchen. Hot orange, lime green, lemon yellow, ocean blue or turquoise are all vibrant colors you can use in your kitchen.

Another bright scheme consists of the primary colors of red, yellow and blue. Choose only the bright versions of these colors. Then add accents of orange, purple or green. Paint your walls white and use any of these bright color schemes for an instant punch. Also paint woodwork white for its reflective qualities.

Remove and Renovate

When using vibrant colors, first remove all your old knickknacks and other clutter. The new colors will speak for you, so keep your decorations minimal. Tea towels with roosters and eggs, cute duck pictures and all of the old country decorating themes usually don't work well with vibrant colors.

Keep only items on the counters which you actually use, such as kitchen utensils, cookbooks and canisters. Update them with paint or brightly colored contact paper. Keep your utensils in colorful crocks or jars that you've painted and relabeled with scrapbooking stick-on labels. Make new jacket covers for your favorite cookbooks from colorful papers available at craft stores for reasonable prices. Replace your towels with colorful-striped or polka-dotted towels in the colors of your choice.

Let the Sun Shine In

If you have curtains, you may want to replace them with inexpensive white mini-blinds. Sunlight streaming through sparkling clean windows will punch up the colors you are adding to your room. If you don't like mini-blinds, make curtains from the same tea towels you are using in bright colors. Dollar stores and discount stores offer a wide variety of modern, bright colors at a very low price. If you have window sills wide enough, or a shelf or table in front of the window, put bright glass plates on easels in front of the windows for light to shine through. This will give a sparkling effect to your room.

Add More Color and Design

If you don't like the idea of all white walls, purchase or make a stencil of a design you like and, using only one color, apply this to your white or light walls. Use of one color in a bright tone will keep your eye from becoming overwhelmed with colors that make the room seem smaller. Also spelling out words with paint and stencil or using stick-on words and phrases available in craft stores is another great way to add color on a budget.

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