Creating Wall Art from Found Objects

Whether looking to save money or just to recycle, creating wall art from found objects is a decorating trick that costs little and is good for the environment.  It is also a great way to get children involved in decorating the house.  Creating wall art from found objects requires creativity and a sense of adventure.  The simple projects below use found objects and transform them into fun, colorful wall art pieces.

Buttons, Buttons, Everywhere

Button collages are a quick and simple way to use found objects in wall art.  Collect buttons that have fallen off clothing or are found while out walking.  Use the buttons to create a colorful picture of flowers, a landscape or other still life objects.  An abstract design crafted from buttons is also an option for a beautiful visual focal point in a room.  If finding enough buttons is a challenge, ask friends, neighbors and co-workers to donate their old and found buttons to the project.  Kids especially enjoy this type of project as it is easy for them to manipulate the buttons and satisfy their creativity.

Painted Prints from Found Objects

Sometimes, creating wall art from found objects means using the found objects in unconventional ways.  One creative way to use found objects is to use them as stamps for a painted project.  This works extremely well for objects that have a lot of texture to them.  Scraps of fabric or carpeting can be painted and used to stamp a textured landscape onto a large foam board.  Found nuts and bolts can be used in the same manner to produce modern designs for a more contemporary setting.  There is no limit to the number or variety of objects that can be used to create patterns and paintings.  

3-Dimensional Wall Sculptures

For the more adventurous and craft oriented homeowner, a three dimensional wall sculpture can be created from found objects.  Any materials can be used, but the most popular tend to be found metals.  Sculptures made from found metals can take on any shape and style.  From a vase of flowers cut from found soda cans and hanger wire to an abstract collage of found circular objects, anything goes when creating three dimensional wall sculptures.  After the piece is created, consider spray painting it with metallic paint or in a color that will compliment the room's decor.  

Wood Workings

If wood is more of the style of the room, collect sticks and branches to create wall art.  These found objects are the perfect material to recycle into something else as they provide an earthy, natural feel to the created wall art.  A bundle of sticks tied together like a star with found ribbons and accented with a bunch of berries can create a homey, holiday decoration or fresh country appeal.    

Creating wall art from found objects is the ultimate way to recycle while saving money.  Be creative and choose to look at objects in a new light to see their artistic possibilities.  Almost all found objects can be re-purposed into a unique and attractive piece of wall art.

Jessica Ackerman of, is an interior designer who illustrates how simple it can be to use asian metal wall art and fleur de lis metal wall sculptures.