Creating Your Own Salt Spreader

What You'll Need
One old wheelbarrow
Metal skill saw
One sand sorting toy, large
10 small screws
Drill and drill bits
Safety glasses

Using a salt spreader can save you time and money when you have a yard and driveway that needs salt every winter. When most people salt their yards and driveways you will usually see them hauling a huge bag of salt and a shovel. They then proceed to shovel the salt in large chunks at their driveway and yard.  This wastes salt and labor. Shoveling spreads large amounts of salt unevenly throughout the yard. With a little effort you can make your own salt spreader that will get the job done much more efficiently.

Follow These Steps Precisely:

  • Place the bottom part of your sand sorting toy into the lowest part of your wheel barrow, then trace around it using a dark colored marker.
  • Use your skill saw to cut out the shape you made during the tracing process. Use your gloves and safety glasses during this process to prevent and debris out of your eyes.
  • Place the sand sorting toy into the hole firmly.
  • Use your small screws to secure them into place. You are going to need to put a screw in at least every half inch to keep the salt from leaking out between the edges.  
  • Seal the edges with your caulk to assure that it will not leak.
  • Let the caulk dry for 48 hours before use.

How To Use:

Assuming you followed these steps perfectly you are now ready to salt your yard and driveway. Place a bag of salt into your wheelbarrow. The salt may immediately begin to come out of the bottom, so make sure you place your wheelbarrow in a spot that you want salted before emptying the salt bag into the wheelbarrow. Start your salting method by walking and gently shaking the handles as you go. It will work the same as if you were using the sand toy as it was meant to be used, so a little vibration will allow the salt to keep moving instead of settling.


If you would like to turn this into a tailgate spreader, simply attach the wheel barrow to the hack of your truck or mower. Make sure the legs are off the ground, and you can then spread your salt without having to walk behind or in front of the wheelbarrow.

Time is precious these days and so are resources. You will save money by not wasting your salt. When you shovel salt you are allowing too much salt to be used in concentrated areas. Spreading your salt will ensure maximum coverage. You will also save yourself the pain of constant bending with the shovel. The wheelbarrow method keeps you from getting sore. Your only job is to walk and shake the barrow.