Creating Your Own Unique Curtain Rings

  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 10
What You'll Need
Napkin holders
Auto part items
Jewelry wire
Hoop earrings
Children toys

A bathroom decorating scheme can speak volumes especially when you have created your own custom curtain rings. Skip the plain silver rings or boring hooks and think about making your own shower rings with unique materials. Before starting, be sure you know the number of holes the shower curtain has and then plan accordingly with the correct amounts of ribbon, fabric, and/or string you might use.

Kitchen Items

Some of the best creations can be accomplished with simple items found in the kitchen including cute napkin rings. Similar to shower rings, napkin rings or napkin holders are usually circular and have a hole in the middle. Place the shower curtain rod through the napkin holders. Then, tie each with a heavy ribbon onto the shower rod. Napkin holders come in different shapes and sizes. Match the napkin holders with the colors or theme already in the bathroom so it blends. Or, start over and make the shower rings dictate the theme for the rest of the bathroom.

Arts & Crafts

Even if you are not crafty, items such as twine, yarn, and other simple arts and crafts materials can be used to make fun shower rings. For example, instead of using an actual shower ring to hold up the shower curtain, use colorful ribbons by threading them through the shower curtain’s rings also known as grommets. You can also use strips of your favorite fabrics or even a heavy twine that will hold up to water. Yarn can also be used and should be strong enough to hold a lightweight curtain. However, yarn and ribbons are string and may eventually fray if they get wet or are weighed down. Once this happens, the curtain may droop, so just replace the piece holding the curtain up with a newer one.

Man’s Bathroom

For a male’s bathroom, you can always use clean, unused, or discarded auto parts that are round to thread shower curtains through for a fun, masculine ambiance. Another idea is to buy plain shower ring hooks and use bonding glue to attach items like auto parts on the hooks and then hang the curtain over the rod. You can do the same thing with flat stones or pebbles by gluing them to a hook for an earthy of "going green," type of shower curtain.

Beautiful Beads

Try using large colorful and exotic beads that are circular to place shower curtain rods through and then tie to the rod with a colorful wire. Jewelry wire comes in various colors and materials and should be strong enough to hold up the shower curtain, as well as wear well in humid conditions.

Jazzy Jewelry

Another unique idea for curtain rings is to use hoop earrings that are large enough for the shower curtain rod to go through. Be sure not to use nickel or any other lower quality alloy or metal that could tarnish if gotten wet

Kid's Bathrooms

Buy regular shower hooks and then glue fun plastic animals, toy cars, artificial flower heads, or even metal stars found at craft stores on the hooks for a whimsical shower appearance.