Creative Above Ground Pool Deck Designs

An above ground pool deck needs to be carefully planned. It should not only be practical but also appealing. These are some factors that you should consider in order to try to achieve both goals when creating an above ground pool deck.


Prior to engaging in any work related to the pool deck you have to make sure that whatever you will be doing you should allow for easy accessibility. This is especially important if children or old people will be using the pool. First of all install hand rails in the stairs area. Secondly, make sure you coat the floor with anti slip covering ideal for pool areas.

Combine With Surrounding Features

Another important factor is to try to combine the pool well with its surroundings, be it a garden, patio or courtyard. Leave room for other features such as trees, plants and deck chairs. You will probably have get-togethers by the pool, so you have to allow enough space for people sitting by the pool, grills, barbeques, tables, chairs and umbrellas. If children are part of the family then you have to allow space for playing as well.

Concrete Deck

Some people prefer to use concrete as the main material for the pool’s deck. Laying concrete around the perimeter of the deck can enable additional creativity by making a different shape for instance, rather than just a rectangular border. Besides one can include some landscaping in some areas of the deck. Another good idea is to leave room for additional features such as an open bar on one end, and a small Jacuzzi on the other end of the pool for example.

Stone Paving

A good idea is to install stone paving around the pool. Stone paving looks very attractive and one can choose from a nice range of colors, textures and shades. Besides it has the advantage of allowing for various layouts.

Wooden Deck

Wooden decks are very popular for above ground pool decks. However one needs to keep in mind that when wood is used it is important to indulge in regular cleaning, polishing and maintenance so as to keep the wood looking as appealing, clean and termite-free as possible. When wood is used for a deck it is very easy to include some plants at regular intervals, ideally in matching wooden pots. You can also match the wood chosen for any tables, chairs and other accessories.


Ideally, invest in good quality outdoor lights to be installed within the deck. These create a very nice effect when lighted up when the sun is setting and at night. They are safe as they will include a cover on top so as not to be soaked with water from the pool. There are various shapes and types of lighting fixtures one can choose from.

These factors can help you to create an appealing above ground pool deck which can in turn provide a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere for you and your family and friends to spend a great time by the pool.