Creative Applications for Natural Stone Tile Creative Applications for Natural Stone Tile

Many homeowners and landscapers use natural stone tile to refurbish home interiors. This is because natural stone surfaces offer decades of maintenance-free performance and they are easy-to-establish. However, a uniform-looking stone surface might seem bit dull. Use the following ideas for making the natural stone tiled surface more vibrant and better suited to the home decor.

Using Natural Stone Borders

This is among the most affordable and undemanding natural stone styling options. These borders help to establish a more defined appearance upon the tiled surface. Borders along tiled surfaces can be easily created without any additional material or tools. Many homeowners prefer to use borders as a way of adorning their walls wherein the walls might be unusually large with a bare look. Granite borders blend the choice of various shades and the durability factor. Further, granite borders are versatile and can accompany any kind of natural stone surface. Granite borders can be used in the bathroom, kitchen, fireplace surrounds and patios.

Other choices include:

Multicolored Borders

If you are looking for a more vibrant decor, using borders of differently-colored natural stone tiles is recommended. Choice includes different grain patterns and luster of the tile apart from the range of colors.

Budgeted Borders

A more budgeted option is to use thin, granite borders that are often referred to as trims. Many natural stone retailers often packaged deals on trims that are slimmer than borders created from wholesome tiles.

Creating Mosaic Natural Stone Patterns

A mosaic is an assortment of various colors or different-appearing objects. Mosaic patterns are commonly recommended for remodeling the home interiors from a styling perspective. Mosaics are ageless and they can be easily created with natural stone tiles. There are many choices when contemplating mosaics in natural stone. You can combine various natural stones that have remarkably different colors and texture. The common choices include a marble base with brightly-colored stones like granite for creating the mosaic pattern.

Budgeted Mosaic Tiling

You can use bits of tile pieces saved from your tiling project. Simply crush these pieces to create even-looking bits of natural stone. These bits can be sprinkled upon a neutral, stone-tile surface. The best choices for the neutral background are marble, sandstone and soapstone.

Creating Natural Stone Inlays

An inlay refers to a decorative method wherein small pieces of contrasting color are embedded upon the same surface to create definite shapes. An inlay is recommended for natural stone tiles that are installed along the kitchen countertops. The inlay can be easily grouted to complement the surrounding natural stone tiles, making it easy to establish the required design. There is no need to worry about the accuracy of the inlay. Most landscapers insist that an inlay design is at best, an abstract wherein the shapes are more suggestive rather than being accurate.

Options include:

Cobbled Stone Inlays

The base tiling surface can be of any natural stone that a homeowner prefers. For creating the inlay, slightly darker shades are better. Thus, using cobbled natural stone tiles are recommended. This helps to create a rather rustic but pleasing appearance.

Pebble Stone Inlays

The other preferred choice for creating a natural stone inlay is using pebble tiles to create the acquired shape. The pebbled, smaller tiles help to create what is referred to as a mesh background. The pebbled stones are very smooth and are available in lustrous shades. They are best used upon basic, natural-stone choices like travertine.

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