Creative Car Window Tint Coloring Ideas Creative Car Window Tint Coloring Ideas

If you are wanting to get creative with your car window tint you will have many options to choose from. Here are a few ways you can add some flair to your vehicle with a tint job.

Mirrored Tints

Many states have restrictions on the types of tints you can use. If you live in an area that allows a mirrored tint, these can be fun and give you privacy. A mirror tint will make it hard for passersby to see inside your vehicle. It also helps to keep the interior of your car protected since it has a reflective quality. It's important to understand your local laws regarding window tints before you choose a mirrored finish. You could end up paying a lot of money for the tint, and a lot of money in tickets and tint removal if it violates your local regulations.

Tint Colors

A fun way to add UV protection and prevent glare is to choose a tint that has a color added to it. The most common colors to find in car window tints are blue and red, although you can choose from a whole spectrum of colors. It's important to consider the tint you are placing on your windshield, as a colored tint can affect your ability to see traffic lights and signs clearly.


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