Creative Closets With Sheets Instead Of Doors

If you are looking for ways to spruce up your room, creative closets using sheets rather than doors for your closet spaces are a great choice.


The greatest benefit associated with creative closets using sheets rather than doors is that you can open the sheets entirely for full access to the closet. Sliding closet doors only allow for access to half of the closet at a time. Additionally, fabric or sheet closet doors can be more easily customized to suit the style of the remainder of the room than standard closet doors.

Sheet Ideas

Your standard flat sheet can make an excellent curtain as most offer the right length to completely cover your closet from floor to ceiling. There are other sheet ideas to consider as well. Standard flat sheets are sized well to serve as creative closet covers, but other types of fabric can be used as well. A craft fabric store will have a variety of different styles, colors and lengths of fabric to choose from depending on the look you are trying to achieve. For a heavier or sturdier closet door curtain, you may consider using multiple layers of fabric.

One of the ways that you can go about hanging standard flat sheets as curtains for your closet is to use a standard grommet gun and grommets. You can put grommets or eyelets into the top of each of the sheets, and then attach shower curtain hooks to hang the sheets from a bar atop your closet. Most hardware stores carry handheld devices that make it easy to install eyelets and grommets in a variety of fabric types. The fabric should be doubled over to create a thicker hold so that the eyelets are not torn from the fabric with use.

Make sure that you space the eyelets or grommets out equally so that the closet curtains open and close completely and evenly.

Hanging Ideas

If you do not already have closet door tracks installed in the top of your closet, then you can install a curtain rod that spans the entire width of your closet, or a shower curtain rod if you can find one that offers the right size. You can hang shower curtain hooks from these rods and easily hang curtain sheets accordingly.

Buying sheets for a creative closet allows you to use the other parts in the set for closet related purposes. For example, if your curtains have a theme, match the pillowcases to this theme and use them as laundry bags in order to get the most out of the entire sheet set. If you want to choose soft and comfortable curtains for your closet door, consider jersey knit, which is a soft knit material that is light, flowing, comes in a multitude of different colors and is also easily machine washable. Heavier types of sheets are also available if you seek something that is sturdier.