Creative Design Ideas for Wainscoting Your Living room

Wainscoting is the process of covering the bottom 3 to 5 feet of a wall with vertical tongue and groove slats. It was originally done to protect the lower portion of walls from rising dampness, but it has evolved into a highly decorate wall design. Wainscoting can be successfully installed in just about any room, but it looks especially nice in the kitchen, bathroom and dining room. However, if you so desire, adding wainscoting to your living can add a touch of creativity to one of the most important rooms in your home.

Creative Wainscoting Designs

Depending on the décor of your living room, wainscoting can greatly augment the design. A dark, richly stained wainscot contrasts nicely with colorful walls. Interesting wall painting designs that resemble marble or have a fanned coat would also look nice with wainscoting. Ultimately, the design is up to you. Wainscoting provides an adaptable surface with which to work, whether you want your living room light and open or dark and rich.

If you have stained wood molding in your living room, consider installing wainscoting to match. Align it will the color of the mantle, bookshelves or anything else that dominates the room. The creative possibilities are limited only by your imagination and design parameters.