Creative Designs for Glass Pocket Doors Creative Designs for Glass Pocket Doors

Using glass pocket doors over traditional glass sliding doors offers a huge benefit to home owners. It leaves the entire wall surrounding the door open for furniture, hangings and other forms of decoration. This reduces the amount of wasted space attributed to standard glass doors.

Ideas for Glass Pocket Doors

Glass pocket doors can easily be designed using frosted, hammered or even stained glass. This is often difficult to do with standard sliding glass doors. You also have more options available for the handle on glass pocket doors because they are generally much smaller than standard sliding glass doors. This reduces the weight which opens up the ability to use smaller and more artistic hardware options.

Glass pocket doors can be used to enter the backyard, a patio or even as a door to the outside from a bedroom. They function extremely well in these situations because they don’t use up nearly as much wall space.

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