Creative Ideas for Aluminum Storm Windows Creative Ideas for Aluminum Storm Windows

When you live in an area that is prone to heavy storms you do not want to be caught without aluminum storm windows. Aluminum storm windows will help keep the elements where they belong: outside. The down side to aluminum storm windows is they are very sterile. They are, unfortunately, boring and usually ugly to look at and so people are often looking for new creative ways to make aluminum storm windows more appealing. The following article will provide several of creative ideas for you to make your aluminum storm windows look less antiseptic and more friendly.

Frosting and Etching

The glass inside of aluminum storm windows is often thicker than normal glass or not even glass at all but Plexiglas. This is because it is shatterproof and double and triple pane glass is very difficult to break. This makes etching or frosting the glass very easy to do and will not damage the structural integrity of the aluminum storm windows. Etching and frosting is very simple to do and a lot of fun as well. There are chemicals you can purchase at any arts and craft store. You create a design stencil and then affix it to the glass. Apply the chemicals and wait before wiping it off to reveal the design. The process is a little more detailed but there are many articles on this site that will teach you how to do it. With frosting and etching you can do an entire pane of glass or you can make detailed designs. The choice is up to you.

Stained Glass

Nothing is more inviting or beautiful than stained glass. Churches have been named as "places to visit" just based on the intricate detail of their stained glass window portraits. Stained glass has also been used to make sun catchers to hang out in front of your home. You can make your aluminum storm windows look like stained glass with no training and with little money. You need to make a design, get colored permanent markers and lead glue. Now, the glue is not actually lead it just looks like it as it is gray and sort of grainy. You want to use line art as stencil and affix it to the back of the window. Use a permanent marker to trace the lines of the stencil. Use the lead glue to trace the marker lines. Color the areas of the glass with whichever color permanent marker you want it to be. Try to make it as line-free as possible but wipe it off with a paper towel before it dries. You can add multiple layers if you want to.

Change the Frames

Aluminum storm windows are made with strength in mind and not aesthetic appeal. You can make the frame look much nicer by decorating or painting it. Working with aluminum is a bit of a chore and requires that you sand it slightly with 220-grit sandpaper. This creates a rough texture for the paint to adhere to. Paint the frame or add stencils.

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