Creative Mosaic Tile Pattern and Placement Ideas

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Using mosaic tile in your bathroom provides an opportunity for plenty of creativity and color. The technique is not difficult and can be therapeutic. Here are some of the most popular mosaic tile pattern ideas for your room.

Stagger the Walls

Instead of just tiling evenly, stagger the walls by tiling on 1 side of a door and window and 3/4 up the opposite side. Doing so works best when there is an opening or divider, such as a door, window, archway, or mirror, to break the 2 different heights. When tiling on a wall, consider using wood trim above the last level of tiles if you don't make it up the entire wall.

Pepper the Walls Randomly

Not everything beautiful is symmetrical. Instead of a symmetrical checkerboard pattern, pepper the walls randomly with 1 predominate tile color, then randomly pepper the wall or floor with different colors. Several lighter or darker shades of the predominant color works well for a subtle design. Use complementary colors for a bolder look.

Create Mirror Images

If you have the time and patience, use mirror imaging for an asymmetrical look that retains purpose and elegance. Create 2 symmetrical identical images side by side, but use colors to create a mirror image. Besides varying color use to create a mirror image, you can also design 2 asymmetrical objects side by side. If you are doing 2 walls, consider making 2 walls that meet to form corner mirror images of each other.

Make Borders With Tiles

A simple way to break up color and add variety to your mosaic tile wall is to make dividing borders between 2 colors or types of tiles with a third color or type of tile. For example, tile the bottom third of the wall with 1-inch squares of black mosaic tiles. Cover the top portion with red mosaic tile. Divide the color blocks by applying a layer of rectangular tiles. Variables of color, material ,and size provide endless possibilities for design.