Creative Playground Ideas for Small Spaces

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Pen and drawing/writing pads
Toys and play sets
Sterilized Sand

Creating playgrounds for small spaces can be a great challenge with not enough room for many toys.  However, if you maximize the space and installed suitable mini-playground sets, this space will prove to be a haven for kids. Here’s how you can build a fun play area for your kids.

Step 1—Measure the Playground Area

Using a tape measure, get the size of the playground area so you can estimate the sizes of the toys you buy or the number of toys that can fit in.

Step 2—Consider Your Kids’ Age and Interests

Make a profile of your kids’ interests, hobbies and age.  At the end of each profile, include a list of possible activities or toys that your kids might like.

Step 3—Window Shop for Possible Play Sets and Toys

The profiles will act as a guide when you window shop for toys. However, it can also be a good idea to bring your kids along. This way, you will know if they like the toys you plan to buy. But when they point out a toy, you might want to match it to their interests and age. It is natural for kids to want a toy just because of its color, or because it is a current trend among friends.

For play variety in a small playground, you might want to check toys that come in sets. For instance, you can have climbing towers, crawling holes, stairs, a small slide or a climbing wall in just one connected play set. These sets can easily be assembled without screws or nails but you can be assured they are sturdy and safe to play on.

And if you really want to maximize your space, consider a play set that has several levels. Such sets can provide your kids with many adventures during their play. However, ensure that the play set is safe on the upper levels and your kids are old enough to play on it.

Step 4—Create a Floor Plan

When you’ve chosen the toys and play sets you want, take their measurements so you can check which ones will actually fit on your playground before buying them. It might also be helpful to create a floor plan or miniature pieces that you can move around.

Arrange toys and play sets in a way that will bring out your kids' imaginations. Kids like to play pretend, so give them a setting they can make a play script on. Play with colors as well, so you end up with an interestingly-colored play area.

Step 5—Install Your Play Sets and Toys 

Assemble the play sets and arrange the toys according to the floor plan you made. However, don’t be afraid to move things around to achieve the best arrangement. Then cover the playground with enough sterilized sand. 

Sand can provide additional play ideas like sand castle building. It may also act as a cushion above hard-surfaced flooring material.