Creative Reuse of 7 Commercial Items Creative Reuse of 7 Commercial Items

Creative reuse is the process of taking old items from different areas and reusing them for something else. This can be in the form of decorative art, home furniture or other useful products. Reusing items is usually associated with ordinary household items, but can take any form. Another instance of creative reuse is through the reusing of commercial items. These can be items from any type of store, warehouse, or manufacturing plant.


The most common item to reuse in any type of commercial setting is the building itself. There are entire blocks of commercial buildings that are being transformed from the state they are in now, and reused as homes and apartments. This is a great way to reuse these building without having to tear them down and filling the landfills with the debris.

Shelving Units

One of the other more popular items in a commercial setting is the shelving units. Commercial places like stores and warehouses will have an over abundance of shelving available. These can be used in homes, basements, and garages for storage.

Cashier Counters

There are plenty of ways to creatively reuse the counters for the cashiers. They can be used as a workbench in a garage, as a sewing center in the home, or even as a potting bench. With the strong counter top, the perfect height, and the shelving underneath, they are great for whatever you need them for.

Doors and Windows

The abundance of large doors and windows make these items great for using as a greenhouse. If you are lucky enough to be able to get these before they are taken away to the landfill, you can build a great, efficient greenhouse. Since the windows can be 6 to 8 feet tall, your greenhouse is sure to have as much sunlight as it needs.

Concrete Parking Blocks

You might overlook the concrete parking blocks in a commercial building. However, you can reuse them for a few different things. First, if you have some land you need to fill in to bring to grade, these are perfect. For more visual means, stacking them on top of each other will create a small retaining wall, and cutting them into smaller pieces will make great anchors for small boats.

Art Project

In a commercial building, there are a lot of different smaller items that can be reused for some creative art projects. By welding pieces of the shelving together, especially any wire shelving, you can create large metal sculptures to showcase your artistic side.

Shopping Carts

When thinking about the creative reuse of commercial items, you can't leave out the shopping carts. There are billions of shopping carts across the country and they all have to end up somewhere. Most of the time it is in a large warehouse rotting away, or in a landfill. Shopping carts can be used for several things. Remove the wheels and use it them as a decorative way to display planters in your garden. Turn them over and they make a quick cage for rabbits or other animals.

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