Creative Uses for Corrugated Metal Sheets in Houses

There are plenty of uses for corrugated metal sheets in houses, although most of these involve actually hiding the corrugated sheets out of view: using them on the outside of kitchens and for shack roofs are also popular uses of corrugated metal sheets. However, there are plenty of ways in which houses can be made to look more attractive by using corrugated metal sheets in creative and attractive ways. As people look to sustainable resources, corrugated metal used as a design features has become more popular: this adaptable metal can be transformed into almost anything you choose.

Over Radiators

Using corrugated metal sheets over radiators has two positive benefits: firstly, you can decorate the corrugated metal in any way that you choose, and then wrap the metal aroud the radiators. Secondly, metal can absorb the heat from radiators, and if you wrap the metal around them, this can make your heat-source go further. For houses that need a lot of heat, this is one way in which design can help to reduce energy emissions in a home.


Corrugated metal sheets make good temporary walls between two portions of a room. If you wish to divide up a space (for example in houses with a very large room that needs to be converted into a lounge and playroom), you can do this by cutting the corrugated metal down to small squares, and hanging it from the ceiling. This is an alternative take upon using old window frames as wall dividers. Painting the corrugated metal sheets different colors will add to the attractiveness of the feature. Houses that need a lot of dividing walls can benefit from different color schemes in each room.


For a cool alternative to wooden panelling, try corrugated metal sheets. These sheets take a spray of paint very well, so in a few minutes you could have multicolored panels, or a different colored panel for each room. You could write words in the paint, or draw pictures: the folded sheeting of the corrugated metal makes it ideal for boat scenes. Using corrugated metal sheets as panelling when decorating houses adds a charm and olde worlde feel to the rooms.


Corrugated metal sheeting can make an interesting alternative to window screens on the outside of houses. Cut the sheets to the size of the windows, and then fix to the walls of the houses: they can be painted in a variety of colors, or decorated with scenes. They add a touch of rustic charm to any kind of window, and can be cut according to the style and design of the houses, both inside or outside.

Storm Shelters

For homes that have basements as storm shelters, using corrugated metal sheets can help to strengthen the walls and entrance of the shelter, and also provide a feeling of safety and protection that mere earth walls cannot do. Use corrugated sheeting on the back of the basement door, and also place around the walls of the room in order to provide the best protect for those living in these houses. Corrugated metal sheeting can be colored to provide a warm feeling even as the storm is raging overhead.