Creative Ways to Decorate a Galley Style Kitchen

If you live in an older home or apartment, or a home with limited space, chances are that you have a galley style kitchen. Galley style kitchens are shaped like a rectangle with cabinets running along both sides of the room. Because of space limitations with this type of kitchen, decorating is oftentimes a challenge. Growing to love your galley style kitchen may take a bit of organizational planning and some great decorating tips.

Maximizing Your Space

The first thing that you'll discover (or likely already have) is that the galley style kitchen calls for some innovative planning when it comes to storage. A great way to add some extra storage space is by installing a pot rack. Pot racks are available in lots of great designs to go with every décor theme and are usually quite inexpensive. You'll find that a pot rack frees up some of your traditional cabinet space for additional storage while providing an out of the way spot for your pots.

Choose Small Appliances

Since most galley kitchens are so small, choosing smaller appliances is essential. What to look for: small appliances that are made for "rentals" or condominium living. From refrigerators to stoves, installing smaller appliances will give you more room to move about in your galley style kitchen.

Go for the Good Stuff

Since your space in the galley style kitchen is smaller, go for the good stuff when it comes to countertops and floors. The use of high end materials can really vamp up your kitchen's visual appeal (and add value to your home) without costing an "arm and a leg". Go for marble or granite to add a stunning look to the kitchen. As an added bonus, these wise investments will outlast that Formica countertop by many years while being much more pleasing to look at.

Choose the Right Lighting

Many galley style kitchens are equipped with fluorescent lighting which can be dull and dreary. Opt instead for modern lighting and sleek lighting fixtures. If your kitchen has a back door, replace it with a French door for even more light. You can also install under-cabinet lighting to create a fresh, cheerful effect that makes your room appear bigger than it is.

Expand Your Galley Style Kitchen

Depending upon the layout and design of your home or apartment, taking out a wall in your kitchen is the best (obvious) way to add space. Many homeowners elect to cut out a "pass through" in the home that is converted to a bar or an island. Inversely, you can also choose to purchase a small roll-away type island that allows you the functionality of a kitchen island without taking up as much space.

Color Matters When Space is Limited

You may already know that dark colors make spaces appear smaller, but that doesn't mean that you must go with a plain white color for your galley kitchen walls. A monochromatic color palette will have the same effect, including lighter blues and greens that have the same tones and intensities of white. Another trick is to paint one wall in your galley kitchen a very intense color that will cause it to appear to be further away – which adds depth to the room's look.