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Imagine you’re hosting a rehearsal dinner party in your home for 60 people---and you've never met most of the guests! The brides wedding color theme is lavender and cream but these colors will clash with your home decor colors! So what do you do?

Go green! And that's just what I did for the rehearsal dinner I hosted for my step-son Mike and his new bride, Lisa, last month. The attention to detail made all the difference in the world plus I was able to recycle lots of my antique glassware for the final touch.

Little details like adding green and white button mums mixed in with white carnations placed on cake plates (to create the illusion of a wedding cake) with single stems placed in antique salt and pepper shakers may not sound like much but when grouped together --- you can create a big statement with minimal effort.

By simply tying all the smaller party decorations together on white table tops then adding connected splashes of lime green for a fresh, youthful and festive bridal look---- my mission was accomplished!

If you approach the design aspect of entertaining in your home from a decor standpoint, it only makes sense to focus on creating a little extra oomph of color to make your party a memorable and beautiful event.

Give your guests the party decor they deserve by creating a true experience they won't soon forget.

Okay---so how do I know I made a big impression. While chatting with one of my guests, I over heard a bridesmaid mention: "Boy, who ever put this house and party together---really knew what they were doing."

Awwhhh shucks!---What a nice compliment indeed!

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