Crib or Bassinet: What's Best for Your Baby?

If you are expecting a new baby in your home, and if you are trying to decide between using a crib or a bassinet, the choice can be a a challenging one for you if you are a first time parent. This choice can be especially challenging if you are on a limited budget and have to choose between the less expensive bassinet or the more costly crib. There are definite advantages and disadvantages to a crib and a bassinet.


A bassinet is much more portable than a crib. If you do not have a nursery or separate room available for your baby to sleep in, a bassinet's portability makes it a good choice. Because it has wheels, you can move it to any convenient place in your home, at your bedside, in a hall, the den, the living room, etc. Another portability factor of the bassinet is that the sleeping basket portion is detachable, allowing you to move your baby to a different room or use the basket for your baby to sleep in.

Comfort and Swaddling

For a newborn baby, a bassinet is a nice choice because it allows the baby to feel swaddled and secure, a feeling that is important for new babies. Bassinets can be rocked, an asset you might find to come in handy when you want to soothe a fussy baby.


A frilly, lacy bassinet is adorable and pleasing to look at for both mothers and visitors who may be admiring the new baby.

Storage Space

Most bassinets have a storage space which is ideal for storing baby items.


Some bassinets convert into a changing table which mothers often find to be convenient when they need a flat place to change their baby's diapers.

Size Limitations

Because babies grow quickly, a bassinet will only be usable for the first six to eight months of your baby's life, depending on his size. This means that when your baby outgrows the bassinet you will have to purchase a crib, anyway.

Safety Concerns

A bassinet can be a more dangerous place for your baby because of the bassinet's lower sides and instability Therefore, you should avoid using a bassinet when your baby begins to be more active and could tip the bassinet. In addition, as the baby grows it becomes more likely for him to fall out of the bassinet with the lower sides.

Space Considerations

A crib, because of its larger size, will take up more space in your home, an important factor to the mother who lives in a smaller home. This also will often require the parents who sleep in a smaller bedroom to keep the baby and crib in a room remote from their own. This is sometimes difficult for parents who want the baby closer to them. In this case, using a bassinet, which is smaller than a crib, will allow the parents to keep the baby with them in their bedroom.