Cricket Cricket

A cricket is an essential part to building a roof. The angled structure behind the chimney acts like a little roof to divert water away from the back of the chimney and prevents it from sustaining heavy water damage. A cricket is pretty easy to install and the project can be completed in less than a day.

  • Cut two triangles from plywood that will fill the gap between the back of the chimney and the roof.
  • Nail the plywood into place so the points are towards the edge of the chimney and the flat ends meet in the middle at an angle. It should look like a little triangular roof.
  • Cover the plywood with saddle flashing and cap flashing to complete your cricket above your chimney.

Materials for Making a Cricket

Although the saddle and cap flashing are impossible to replace, you can use almost any water resistant material to substitute the plywood. Hard wood, plastic, and metal are all suitable materials to use while making a cricket. Just remember to compensate for the thickness of your material while measuring out angles. It also may be more difficult to nail in the cricket with harder materials.

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