Cricut Cutter Home Decor Ideas

paper dragon near home craft Cricut printer

Your Cricut cutting machine is more than just a tool you can use for crafting. We love using our Cricut for making and personalizing gifts, sprucing up our favorite outfits, and most of all, we love using the Cricut for home decor projects.

In the past, DIY home decor has gotten a less than lovely reputation at times but we're here to dispel the belief that DIY home decor has to look haphazard. With the help of a Cricut, or another cutting machine, you can create custom DIY home decor on a budget that looks incredible.

Wall Hangings

We love wall hangings and we love that they are currently trending. There are dozens of different types of wall hangings that you can DIY, but we made a modern quilted wall hanging by using our Cricut.

We picked fun, modern fabrics that matched the mood of the room we were decorating and used the Cricut to cut out our pattern. Throw in a few quick stitches and we had a completely custom quilted wall hanging that didn't require us to cut a million pieces of fabric by hand.

Another fun wall hanging that you can use a Cricut to make is a name pennant. Using felt and a Cricut, cut a flag, a cursive name, and some ribbons for the end of the pennant.

We use fabric hot glue to attach everything together and in under an hour, you have a vintage-inspired DIY pennant that looks great on a wall in a kid's room.

banner made from craft Cricut printer

DIY Wallpaper

You can use a Cricut to fake wallpaper in two ways. First, you can use your Cricut to cut a stencil that you can then use to paint a pattern on your wall.

You can purchase stencil vinyl for this project that prevents leaking. This is not a project for beginners though, so make sure that you take your time and don't use too much paint on your brush or it may leak.

The second way you can fake a wallpaper using a Cricut is with vinyl. Using vinyl and a pattern of your choosing, cut out the shapes that you want on your wall and apply them using the flat edge of your Cricut application tool.

You can pick a large or small pattern, but what you are essentially creating are wall stickers. This is a great renter-friendly DIY that can quickly elevate a boring space and bring a little more life into your home. Think outside the box when it comes to patterns and create something fun and unique.

Paper Boxes

It may sound weird to decorate with paper boxes, but we love how fun and customizable this project is. Using a Cricut template and very strong cardstock, you can create paper boxes that look great on shelves and nightstands and are totally functional.

Great decor incorporates various colors and textures and using paper decor is a fun way to add another layer to a room.

party design created by craft Cricut printer

Party Supplies

Now we get that this isn't traditionally what you think of when you think home decor, but we have brought more than one party back to life with a few paper cutouts from the Cricut.

Especially when you're DIYing on a budget, it's important to know where to save and where to spend. If you have a Cricut, it's easy to bring a look to life by cutting your own themed confetti or banner. More than once, cute party decor has made its way into a room in the home as semi-permanent decor because it was such a hit.

The Cricut allows you to get crafty and creative in a way that means you're not just tossing out party decor when the guests leave. You've got decor that is reusable and fun.

Need any ideas on where to find your next Cricut project? We love searching Pinterest or checking out creators like House of Lars or small shops on Etsy. These resources always have so many fun ideas and patterns you can purchase.