Cross-Country RV Camping Trip Checklist

The worst thing when RV camping is getting to the site, which you have driven 100's or even 1000's of miles, set up, and start to relax and find you forgot something. Below I have made a list of items that you should not be caught without.

Before Leaving

Before you leave to go RV camping, you should make a list of the places you are planning to be and the approximate arrival times to ensure someone has an idea of where you are headed.

Packed for the Trip

Depending on how much you want to rough it on your rv camping trip will gauge how much of the following you could leave behind, but it is suggested to get as much on the list as possible. A cell with a backup battery, Map, compass or GPS, weather radio, and whistles in case you get separated.

Other good things to bring rv camping, is any medicine you take, a first aid kit, sunscreen, rope in case of an emergency, folding chairs, sunglasses, folding knife, binoculars, backpack and camera. Other useful things that could be of use are lanterns and fuel, flashlights, bug spray, alarm clock, extension cords, firewood and firewood tools, and a basic tool box.

Clothing to Bring

You want your clothes selection to match the weather environment of the RV camping place you are headed to, for the most extreme weather conditions, hot, cold, or wet.