Crown Molding Corners: Cope or Miter Cut? Crown Molding Corners: Cope or Miter Cut?

Crown molding corners is something that can be frustrating. If you are new to this type of project or unfamiliar with miter or cope cuts, then you will need to understand them before you begin. It is important that with crown molding corners that you know which type of cut will work best.


Whenever you have a prefinished crown molding, you may find that cutting 45 degree angles on the inside miters is much faster than coping them. This is especially true if the crowns are bigger or more intricate. However, back beveling with a belt sander may be necessary.


Whenever you are using a cope cut for your 45 degree angles, it will definitely take you a bit longer. You will have to pay closer attention and this could be frustrating. However, you will not need to go back to adjust any of the angles later on.


The end result is basically that both types of cuts could work. You will simply need to decide if you wish to put more time in before or after the initial cut. Having to go back can be a pain, but finishing up the cut quickly is sometimes preferred.

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