Crown Molding Trim Ideas Crown Molding Trim Ideas

Crown molding trim is the ideal finish to any room, as it hides the corner between the ceiling and the wall. This makes crown molding one of the most popular decoration projects for homeowners. There are a number of ideas that can make crown molding more successful.


Before fixing the crown molding onto the walls you should first mark the height of the molding with a pencil. This will help keep the molding level when its fixed to the wall. If the walls have holes in them they will need to be filled before fixing the crown molding back onto the walls.


When fixing crown molding to the wall it's important to use adhesive on all joints. You can then secure the molding using your nail gun as normal. By using adhesive in addition to nails you can ensure that the molding never separates from the wall.


When cutting the crown molding you can either miter the joints, or butt the joints up together. Butting the joints up together will be more beneficial when using PVC molding, as the thickness will be standard. When using wood molding you will get a much better finish by mitering the joints.


Walls are rarely completely straight and this can cause gaps against your crown molding. To avoid this problem you can conceal the gaps using caulking. A thin bead of caulking can be run down the gap and then smoothed. This will keep your crown molding looking as good as possible.

Caulking can also be used to fill the gaps between seams and corner joints. Once this has been applied you need to smooth it out so that it is not noticeable. When using caulking you should cut the nozzle of the tube at an angle. This will ensure that the caulking is put into the correct position.

Painting after Installation

The easiest way to finish your crown molding will be to paint it after it has been installed. To do this you should cover the ceiling in masking tape and then paint over the molding in your chosen color.

It is possible to paint the molding before fixing, however concealing nail holes and miter joints will be problematic and much more difficult. Painting after installation is actually very simple, as long as you protect the walls and ceiling with masking tape.


There are lots of different styles of crown molding that you can choose from. When choosing crown molding you will want to take a look at the various styles available. Consider all of the different styles when looking for the perfect decoration for your room. Molding is available in different designs and sizes to suit any home.

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