Crown Molding: Wood vs Foam Molding

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Crown molding can be purchased as wood and foam molding. Crown molding adds a lot of decorative style and decor to a room. It can be painted white, stained or painted a contrasting color. Below are the differences between the two types of moldings.

Wood Molding

Wood molding is the more traditional approach to crown molding. You can purchase wood crown molding in a variety of sizes and styles. It can be purchased in different woods. Wood molding can be stained, unlike foam molding. You can leave it a natural wood color to enhance the decor in the room. Wood molding looks high class and can be used against any type of ceiling material. However, wood molding is hard to cut and not as easy to install as foam molding.

Foam Molding

Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages to foam molding. You need very few tools to install this type of molding. Any average handy person can easily install it alone; moreover, if you are working on a budget, then this is a great option for crown molding installation in your home. Also, some of the types of foam molding bends great and can work around different curvatures.

There are also several key drawbacks to foam molding. If you are installing crown molding against a textured ceiling, you will find that the foam molding does not sit or install well against it. Finally, you may find that foam crown molding just does not look as high quality as wood crown molding.