Crustaceans That Work in a Reef Aquarium Crustaceans That Work in a Reef Aquarium

The installation of a reef aquarium can be a decorative way to include pets in your home, even allowing you to be creative with the design. To ensure it is a harmonious aquarium, it is necessary to know what to fill it with that will work together. Being aware of the advantages and disadvantages of crustaceans will help you decide which ones will provide the most benefit.


There are a number of crabs that will work well in a reef aquarium, as they will work to keep the tank clean. They have massive appetites and are prepared to eat most things in their path, whether old food or other debris. You will find that there are small crabs available that sift through the sand and gravel to find food, rather than disturbing and consuming any other items. A Porcelain Anemone Crab is a perfect example.  


Shrimps can be beneficial in a reef aquarium, as many varieties work to remove algae, which will help to regulate the levels and keep the tank clean. Other types are  sought after simply because of the way they look.


Lobsters are available in a range of different sizes, making it possible to use them in both a small and large reef aquarium. Although it eats everything, it will still work in tanks whether they contain fish or reef alone.

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