How to Repair a Crystal Chandelier

A chandelier on a black background.
What You'll Need
A 6X6 inch block of craft foam
Metal hanging wire
Needle nose pliers
Instant glass glue
Small utility knife

Broken arms on crystal chandeliers can cause a lot of stress and anxiety because of the value of the chandelier. You can repair a snapped of broken arm reasonably quickly and any broken edge seams will be almost unnoticeable. Here is a guide to crystal chandelier repair.

Step 1 - Prepare the Foam Base

Use your small utility knife to carve out the foam block so that it perfectly conforms to the shape of an undamaged chandelier arm. Before doing this, make sure that the chandelier is on a flat and stable work surface. Also make sure that the area used to work on the chandelier will be free from traffic and not be disturbed for 24 to 36 hours.

Step 2 - Check the Fit of the Broken Arm

A chandelier.

Lay the broken crystal chandelier arm piece into the craft foam block and gently push the broken edge of the crystal arm up against the chandelier base. Check if the broken edges fit together perfectly. If they do not, you will need to adjust the foam block so that the two broken pieces of the crystal arm match.

Step 3 - Steady the Support for the Broken Piece

Check to see if your craft foam piece will adequately support the arm while it is being glued to the chandelier base. If the craft foam block does not provide adequate support, you may need to use metal hanging wire to help hold the broken crystal arm securely in place while it dries. This is in addition to using the foam piece.

Step 4 - Secure the Arm with Metal Wire

A three tier chandelier.

Use your metal hanging wire and twist it around the loose part of the broken crystal arm. Then twist the wire around the chandelier top to help support the broken crystal arm piece.

Use as many pieces of wire as needed to securely stabilize the broken piece, but try not to use too many as it will cause the drying time for the glue to be considerably increased.

Step 5 - Prepare the Arm for Gluing

Before actually applying the glue, untwist the wires that are restricting the broken arm piece from movement and push the craft foam piece back from the base about ½ inch.

Step 6 – Glue the Broken Arm

A chandelier on a black background.

Using the instant glass glue, apply the glue to the broken edges of the crystal arm according to the manufacturer's directions.

Fit the broken arm piece to the broken edge on the base carefully and make sure they line up evenly.

Re-twist the metal wires that were holding the arm in place and make sure that the craft foam is securely seated underneath the arm.

Step 7 - Finish Up

Allow the instant glass glued to dry for at least 24 hours before handling. Allowing the glue to dry for 36 hours before moving the chandelier will allow it to cure and harden even better. Once the glue is dry and set, remove the metal wires and foam blocks and hang the crystal chandelier back on its mounting brace.