Cucumber Flowers: Knowing when to Prune

Pruning cucumber flowers at the appropriate moment plays an important role in determining their quality.

Identifying Male and Female Cucumber Flowers

You can identify the male cucumber flowers easily, as they do not have a small fruit behind them. The female cucumber flowers have a small fruit behind them.

The Pruning Process

The method of pruning cucumbers is similar to the pruning of tomatoes. Pruning helps to produce better quality of fruit. Cut the lateral shoots that appear from the stem of the plant. Maintain a constant vigilance and prune off all the lateral shoots. Allow the plant to grow up to a few feet. This is the right moment to prune the flowers.

This particular method should be adapted to cucumbers that fail to grow up in height. It's not a suitable method for the bush varieties of cucumbers.

Let the vine produce seven leaves after this particular process. You should then prune every sucker, flower and fruit. This should be done because cucumbers require all the energy and nutrients to grow roots. Pruning coupled with regular watering will help to produce superior quality fruits and cucumber flowers.