Cucumber Propagation Tips Cucumber Propagation Tips

Planning to grow a useful plant like cucumber in your home garden? You can do so with simple cucumber propagation tips. Cucumber varieties are abundant. You can grow small gherkin cucumbers, Armenian cucumbers, lemon and apple cucumbers. Here are a few tips to grow cucumber plants:

Soil Preparation

Cucumbers need to be planted on a sunny spot with abundant sunlight, away from strong winds for good results. Plant cucumber seeds in rich and well drained soil. Dig a hole into the soil and fill it with soil, rotted manure and compost. Make the soil into mounds, with each mound placed 18 inches apart. Most households will only require only a few mounds to enable a growth of many cucumbers.

Sowing and Planting

Plant the cucumber seeds in the center of each mound and cover them with soil lightly. Maintain a space of few inches while planting the cucumber seeds, to get the desired results. Water the mounds nicely to hasten germination by placing a cloche on the spot.  When you find new leaves appearing on the seedlings, pick them, leaving the strongest seedling.

Looking After the Plants

Maintain the cucumber plants after the growth of 6 to 7 leaves. As soon as a few leaves appear on the plants, pinch off the growth tip to boost the production of side shoots. You can leave these side shoots to crawl on the ground, twirl up around the trellis or train them to climb netting. Make sure that you water around the cucumber plants and keep the soil moist. Steam them lightly in the hot and dry weather to help pollination.

During summer, place a black plastic around the cucumber plants before fruit production. This will help in inhibiting the growth of seeds, raise soil temperature and conserve moisture. Feed the cucumber plants with a good fertilizer once they bear fruit.


In order to ensure a sturdy production of cucumbers, harvest them before they reach the largest size. Harvest the cucumber plants at 6 to 8 inches in length, and if you are growing gherkin or pickling cucumber plants, harvest them at approximately 4 inches in length.  Use a clipper or a sharp knife to harvest cucumbers, instead of pulling them off the vine. Lemon and apple cucumbers yield best results when harvested at a size lager than a duck egg.


Once your cucumber crop has been harvested, you can store them in plastic bags in your refrigerator for approximately one week. You can store them for a long time by canning and pickling them.

Cucumber plants can be grown without much effort. Use these tips to grow your own cucumbers in the garden.

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