Cuisinart Ceramic Bakeware

Cuisinart ceramic bakeware is a type of bakeware that you can use for a variety of different projects in the kitchen. This type of bakeware is actually stoneware, which means that it is fired at a much higher temperature than when creating standard ceramic. This makes it much more durable and non-porous.

Having a non-porous ceramic prevents any liquids or bacteria from getting into the surface of the ceramic. This means that your food will be safe, and your bakeware will not stain.

Heavy Lid

One of the attractive features of this type of ceramic bakeware is that it comes with a very heavy and durable lid. This lid also has an easy grip knob on the top so that you can easily lift the lid off of the dish. Having a heavy lid like this allows you to keep all the flavor and heat in the dish instead of allowing it to escape.

Large Handles

With this type of stoneware, you will also find some of the largest handles in the industry. These handles provide you with a way to easily grab the dishes and transport them from one area to another without risking losing your grip.