Cuisinart Electric Tea Kettle

Affordably priced at roughly $70 and $100, there are two Cuisinart electric tea kettle models available, each of which offers a fast, convenient method for heating water. Faster than a microwave or a stovetop, an electric kettle heats water right up to the boiling point. Perfect for tea, electric kettles are also useful when making hot cocoa, instant coffee, cider, certain desserts, as well as meals like instant soup or ramen.

Cuisinart Quality

Cuisinart has long been recognized as a high-quality manufacturer of small kitchen appliances and cookware. Their selection of electric tea kettles includes:

  • PerfecTemp Cordless Electric
  • Cordless Automatic Electric

Both feature a concealed, 1,500-Watt stainless steel heating element. This design reduces the chance of corrosion while greatly reducing cleanup time. The cool-touch base won't burn the skin, while the removable and cleanable scale filter prevents unwanted mineral buildup. With the cord attached to the base, replace the kettle from any direction, thanks to the 360-degree connection. 


Cuisinart electric tea kettles feature a capacity of 1.75 quarts, equal to about 1.7 liters. The PerfecTemp model includes 6 preset functions for one-touch operation. A blue-lit LED viewing window accurately shows how much hot water remains in the kettle. Safety features include an auto shutoff circuit and a boil-dry protector.