Cultured Marble Countertops Cultured Marble Countertops

Cultured marble countertops are elegant and functional choices for bathrooms and wet bars. These countertops are easily customized and come in a wide variety of colors and styles.

What are cultured marble countertops?
Most cultured marble countertops are made of crushed marble, pigment and calcium carbonate. These are bound together with polyester resins. The entire mixture is then poured into a mold that is coated with a thin polyester gel. Next, the molded countertop is cured. Finishing involves trimming, grounding, cleaning and polishing the countertop.

Durability of cultured marble countertops
Earlier models of cultured marble countertops were susceptible to fine cracks or crazing. This was addressed over time and the newer processes that are used ensure better durability.

Cultured marble countertops are made from the synthetic cultured marble and are impervious to water. They are also resistant to staining. The end product is sturdy and strong in constitution. Since cultured marble is a man-made material, accidental chipping of cultured marble countertops is easily repairable. In most cases, sanding and polishing is all that is needed to be done to repair a cultured marble countertop.

Maintenance of cultured marble countertops
The maintenance of cultured marble countertops is relatively simple. A protective coat of wax can ensure that the marble shine is retained for a longer period of time. Regular cleaning with a good foaming cleanser is sufficient as part of daily maintenance. The use of abrasive products should be avoided at all costs.



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