Cultured Stone: 4 Projects

Cultured stone, also known as manufactured stone, is one of the most versatile building materials to hit the home improvement market in a long time. Because it is essentially concrete with a few added materials and coloring, it is light in weight and easy to work with. It can also be used with equal success in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Let these idea get your creative juice flowing for projects in your home.

1. Flooring with the Look of Stone

If you are looking for the look of natural stone in your flooring but also wish to save money and have a more contoured appeal, cultured or manufactured stone is the way to go.

3. Basement Flooring Upgrade

Many homes have basements that go completely unused, partly because the flooring is raw and uninviting.   Cultured stone is a great alternative to simply pouring a cement slab and staining. This type of finishing product will add designer flare while dealing well with moisture. 

4. Use if for that outdoor BBQ

Because cultured stone is so versatile, it also works well in patios or to build a structure to house a BBQ.  Cultured stone can either be stained like concrete or may have the coloring mixed in before delivery. The color accent will enhance any home or garden.