Curtain Rods

Curtain rods are items that are meant to facilitate the hanging and displaying of window treatments. They can range greatly in type and style.

Window curtain rods and their types

Curtain rods are generally described by the features that define how they work to hang window treatments. The most common types of window curtain rods include:

  • Rod and cap systems – These decorative curtain rods are meant to remain slightly visible even when the curtains are in place. The curtains are fed into the rod and then hung on decorative brackets.
  • Double rods – Curtain rods can sometimes accommodate two sets of window treatments.  Double curtain rods, for example, will generally hold sheers in the behind position and more decorate, heavier curtains or drapes in the front.
  • Traverse rods – Window curtain rods of this style are meant to be completely concealed by the curtains. Traverse rods use a hook system for hanging the curtains and typically allow for opening and closing of drapes using a pull cord.

Selecting the right decorative curtain rods

Picking out window curtain rods takes thought. The things that must be considered before selecting curtain rods include the desired look of the end product and the style of curtains in question. Heavy drapes, for example, are meant for traverse rods. Decorative curtain rods might not support them properly.