Curtains and Drapes: Decorating the Bedroom Right Curtains and Drapes: Decorating the Bedroom Right

What You'll Need
Curtain fabric of desired length (may vary from linen to lace)
Rod for Drapes
Drapery Clips
Fabric Tape
A pair of Scissors
A Measuring Tape

Curtains and drapes are indispensible in a modern room as they help in creating a warm ambience, prevent excess sunlight from filtering in, and provide sound insulation along with privacy. While you might feel burdened by the thought of choosing and installing drapes, it only takes a few simple steps to create a perfect bedroom using proper curtains and drapes.

Step 1: Choose the Right Shade of Curtains and Drapes

This should be easy as the fabric has to be chosen keeping in mind the paint and look of your bedroom. Avoid anything too flashy as toning down drapes add a spunk to your room. The next important thing you must keep in mind is the thickness of the curtains. They must be suitable to provide sufficient darkness for a cozy feel. Next, decide if you want the curtains to cover just the windows or reach up to the floor. Accordingly place orders for the fabric amount after having mentioned your door-window dimensions. This can be noted by using a simple measuring tape at home. Be sure to not let the curtains cover up room heaters or coolers.

Step 2: Buy a Drapery Rod

Purchase a plain or ornamental drapery rod from your nearest hardware store. Fix these up by first drilling one inch holes into the wall. Next, push in the rods that have screws to make them fit well automatically by applying gentle pressure.

Step 3: Attach Clips

Take up the drapery clips and attach them to the rods. These can range from the simple ones to the fancy varieties according to your taste. Now unfold your curtain fabric and hem the top part. Iron the fabric so that the heat turns down the hemmed part and keeps it in place. Keep repeating this process on the bottom and sides too so that all sides are turned inside by an inch.

Step 4: Stick Fabric Tape

Now use fabric tape that can be purchased from a local shop, to bring together both sides of the hem. This is a convenient substitute for stitching. Make sure that the strips of the tape are of the exact lengths of the top and side portions of the panel. After this, iron on all parts to ensure a clean professional finish.

Step 5: Insert the Hems onto the Clips

The hems should fit easily onto the clips. More space between the clips determines the curtain droops more. For a clean modern look, avoid any spaces; while for a soft, romantic feel, use more spaces between clips. You might choose to use additional heavier cloth of satiny finish over the rods for enhancing the overall look. Ensure that the drapes too are neatly taped in the same manner as elaborated in Step 4.They must be hung carefully so that they do not cover more than a quarter of the main curtain length. Finally attach the clips with the curtains onto the rods and admire how beautiful your home installed drapes have turned out to be.







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