Curtains and Drapes for Kids: How to Decorate their Room

Curtains and drapes are an easy and fun way to decorate a child’s room and add character and personality to it. Besides being functional, the drapes and curtains in your child’s bedroom must also match his or her tastes and preferences and blend well with the room’s décor. Here are some simple tips to decorate a child’s bedroom with kid-friendly drapes.

Choosing the Right Material for Curtains and Drapes

The first step in decorating a kid’s room with curtains and drapes is to choose the right material or fabric. Select fabric that is flame-retardant, easy-to-clean and durable. Sticky fingers, crayon marks and food stains may often find their way on to the curtains, so it is important to choose material that can withstand rough use, wear and tear. In addition, if you have a child with allergies, choose material that will not irritate them or trigger an allergic reaction. Cotton is usually the safest best, since it is durable, easy-to-maintain and if you pick organic cotton, it will be free of any chemicals as well.

The length of the curtains is also important. Keep the curtains off the floor, so that children don’t get entangled while running around.

Decorating with Printed Curtains

Most home furnishing stores have a good range of curtain material, in child-friendly themes and prints. Depending upon your kids’ room décor and your budget, you can choose curtains with cartoon prints, ballerinas, cars, alphabets and more. Alternatively, you can stick with safe yet kid-friendly prints like dots, candy stripes or stars. You can add broad sashes or tiebacks with plain-colored ribbons for a simple yet fun look.

Decorating with Plain Colored Curtains

If you want curtains that will adapt to a child’s constantly changing preferences and likes, you can choose plain, solid-colored curtains and then, decorate them with accessories. For instance, sewing or gluing colored strips of ribbon on plain curtains will brighten them up in next to no time. Similarly, you can decorate plain curtains with big, colorful buttons or simply use fabric paint and a stencil to paint your child’s initial on the curtain. 

Using Valances to Add Extra Flair

Valances are a fun way of giving curtains an extra decorative touch. You can choose valances made of the same material as the curtains or opt for contrasting colors or prints. In fact, you can decorate smaller windows with the valances only, and skip longer curtains entirely.

Decorative Curtain Rods

Once you’ve finalized the curtain material, its time to add some extra flair with fun, child-friendly curtain rods. You can choose rods in colors to match the room’s color palette or opt for rods that are shaped differently. You can even turn favorite objects, such as a baseball bat, into a curtain rod. A simple yet fun way to decorate the rod is to hang a favorite toy or item from the end of the rod. For instance, a girl’s room can have a small doll or teddy hanging from the edges of the rods.

Curtains and drapes are an essential décor aspect for any room. You can really brighten up a child’s room with the right curtains, so go ahead, choose the material, and then add your own personal touches to suit your kids’ personalities and preferences.